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The Metrix Company understands that our employees are our greatest resource. Providing the highest level of quality and exceeding our customers' expectations are our goals each and every day. Feel secure in contacting us to discuss your project and how our expertise will provide you the cost-effective, quality solutions critical to your success.


  Dan Schoen
Chief Executive Officer
Service since 2001
    Mike Regan
Operations Manager
Service since 2016
  Dave Wagner
Secure Sales Manager
Service since 1996
Becky McDonald
Contract Product Sales Manager
Service since 2007


    Tim Tipple
Quality Assurance Manager
Service since 2007

Ryan Mockler
Purchasing Manager
Service since 2015

    Deb Sipe
Customer Service Representative
Service since 2003
    Karen Smith
Human Resources Manager
Service since 1998
      Cindy Redmond
Service since 2016