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Making it longer made us stronger.


The Metrix Company, formerly Riggs BioChemical, was founded in 1964 in the Mississippi river valley city of Dubuque, Iowa. Our specialized expertise in RF welding disposable devices began with the manufacture of fetal bovine blood collection bags, which we still produce today for customers all over the world. Our reputation for quality and expanded knowledge base paved the way for our introduction to manufacturing medical devices in the 1980s.

Dedication to our customers’ needs and diversity in markets served, propelled us into decades of steady growth. In 1988, Metrix broke ground at our current headquarters and domestic manufacturing plant, located on Chavenelle Road in Dubuque, Iowa.

In 1996, Metrix purchased Secure™ Medical Products, which remains our flagship brand, widely recognized within the industry for its quality and reliability. Metrix continues to grow the Secure™ brand with the addition of new products and bags.

Metrix’ operations were further expanded in 2001 with the opening of our offshore facility in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic—Metrix Dominicana. Contract manufacturing of disposable devices in the Dominican Republic provided an overlap with our complete line of services, securing more cost-competitive solutions for high volume projects.

In 2002, Metrix’ Quality System was updated to meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – Medical Devices Quality Management Systems ISO 13485. Both Metrix Dubuque, Iowa and Metrix Dominicana are FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified and offer ISO Class 8 manufacturing environments.

In 2014, The Metrix Company proudly celebrated its 50th year as a leader in quality manufacturing. Our continued dedication to this principle will take us into the future secure in our people, our process and the products we offer to a diverse and expanding client base.

Devotion to quality built our company. Catering to the needs and schedules of our customers—from start-ups and small businesses to Fortune 500 players—is the reason they keep returning. Clients tell us The Metrix Company's expertise—honed from decades of experience— and our exceptional customer service allow us to be their trusted contract manufacturing partner. We have the capacity to handle large volume projects, yet are contained enough to provide the engineering and development support needed for rapid prototyping and streamlining new product launches.