Contract Manufacturing

Secure Process Expertise

Right down the line.


As a global leader in contract manufacturing of disposable devices, The Metrix Company must anticipate the ever-evolving and expanding needs of our customers. Clients across the globe feel secure engaging us to keep their project in sync with their bottom line— while never losing sight of our bottom line: commitment to quality.

To secure your solutions though The Metrix Company process, we:

  • Commit to a strict Design Control Process
  • Employ a team of highly experienced engineers, quality personnel and skilled operators for every job
  • Partner with the best raw materials suppliers
  • Implement our regimented process control, which demands rigid inspections at every phase of your project
  • Strictly adhere to our Quality Management System, certified to ISO 13485
  • Maximize levels of output and efficiency at each and every stage of production to secure your deadlines and deliver your quality product at a competitive price.

At The Metrix Company, quality is our process, regardless of the size, scope and nature of your order.